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PSNA Meeting May 18 2017


• 2017 City Council Candidates' Forum
• Future of PSNA
• Ears to the Ground


There will be another City Council election this fall. Alice Wolf is once again willing to moderate, and I'm willing to work on arrangements. Shall PSNA sponsor it again? What other groups should we invite to join us? Some possibilities: Agassiz Baldwin Community, Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods, Ward 10 Democrats, ... Sponsoring is easy and probably free; we're looking for sponsors who would bring credibility and public involvement.

PSNA February 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 7:00pm


• 1868 Mass Ave
• Left Turn Letter
• News


Architect David Barsky presented revised plans for the project at 1868 Mass Ave and updated us on the anticipated schedule. He was joined by Curtis Butcher, General Manager of the Porter Square Hotel, and Kevin Sheehan, Director of Operations for both hotels. Operational questions should be addressed to Kevin Sheehan, 617-495-0125, kmsboston@gmail.com.

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Construction Projects

Porter Square is facing a number of big construction projects, including:

Visit the individual pages for status and contact information.

Recently completed:

  • The Rand, a mixed retail and rental apartment building replacing Bob Slate's.
  • Porter Square Hotel, 65 rooms and a restaurant replacing the Kaya Restaurant at 1924 Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Hathaway Lofts, 46 residential units re-using the historic Hathaway Bakery at 15-33 Richdale Avenue.
  • Lesley University's Lunder Arts Center at 1801 Massachusetts Avenue, just south of University Hall.
  • An 8 unit, 55 foot high condominium with ground level parking at 18 White Street, replacing a Victorian home.
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