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1868 Mass Ave


Peter Lee, President
Young Construction Company

After much study and deliberation, Young Construction and their investors have decided to change this project's use from the originally planned condominium/rental to a small hotel. The lesser building height resulting from the elimination of a 5th story means that the overall building mass and shadowing will be reduced. In addition, the hotel use and planned incentives for staff and guests to make use of readily available public transportation are expected to reduce vehicular traffic.

The Gourmet Express closed in the spring of 2014. By fall the site was surrounded by a construction fence and the building was demolished leaving an ugly hole and general mess. Subsequently, Wasserman sold the property and project approvals to Young Construction (Peter Lee), who promptly filled in the hole and generally cleaned up the site. Construction restarted in summer 2015 and was predicted to take 10-14 months.

Gourmet Express
1868 Massachusetts Avenue
02140 Cambridge , MA