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Cambridge Broadband Matters

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 4:45pm

Cambridge Broadband Matters is a CCTV series that explores the relationship among people, public institutions, non-profit organizations, businesses, and broadband in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This series serves as an educational and community engagement companion to broadband planning and action already underway in Cambridge. This episode features Pat McCormick and Robin Chase.

Pat is a former city CIO and consultant working at the intersection of public policy, emerging technology, and innovation. Over the past 3 years Pat was product manager of an open source student student data portal for the NY Department of Education. Pat spent six years in Australia leading digital government programs for Departments of Premier and Cabinet and Justice and serving on a Federal Government 2.0 Task Force. Pat currently serves on the Cambridge Broadband Task Force, the Somerville Civic Advisory Committee, and the advisory board of Voxgov, a big data startup focused on politics and public policy.

Robin Chase is a transportation entrepreneur. She is co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, the largest carsharing company in the world; and co-founder and board member of Veniam, a vehicle communications company building the networking fabric for the Internet of Moving Things. She recently authored the book Peers Inc: How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism. Peers Inc describes the impact the Internet is having on how we build businesses, how we work, and how we shape economies.

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Open House at CCTV

Mon, 02/22/2016 - 8:54pm
Monday, May 23, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Cambridge Community Television is a public access television and media organization that can provide residents with the tools they need to bring their important community messages to the people. Come to this Open House on May 23, 6:30PM, and learn all about the opportunities that exist here. There are ongoing weekly and monthly video productions lead by staff and members on topics from local restaurants to events happening in Cambridge, and current affairs programming on subjects like housing, development, governance, broadband access, and more. You can join one of these groups and make media as a team or start off on a production all of your own. This orientation is your starting point for all the things we offer here at CCTV.

See you then!

Exhibits$0.00Phone Number: 617-601-6900

This week on TV: Archiving radical history in Cambridge

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 2:52pm

This Valentine’s Day, CCTV presents a love-themed marathon from the CCTV archives. On Channel 9 Saturday Feb. 13 noon-midnight and on Channel 8 Sunday Feb. 14 6pm-midnight: A tour of Somerville's own chocolate factory, stories on love from Brother Blue, productions on love and relationships by CCTV members past and present, and Valentine shout-outs from decades past. Who was your Valentine, circa Y2k?

New Productions air each week on Channel 96 Saturdays at 9am and Sundays at 9pm, on Channel 9 Sundays at noon and Fridays at 6pm, and on Channel 8 Tuesdays at 4pm and Thursdays at 8am.

This week: Ephemera, a Moving Image Portrait of longtime Cambridge resident Libby Bouvier, who has spent most of her life collecting an archive of cause buttons and other "ephemera" from the women’s movement, the LGBT movement, and other radical causes she's been directly or indirectly involved with over the decades -- by Lily Bouvier.

A Local Filmmaker Revisits the Underground Railroad: Siobhan Landry is a local filmmaker and teacher. She teaches several DSLR camera courses at Cambridge Community Television. She stumbled on to her new film project while visiting a historical house in Georgetown, Mass. It was a plastic covered hole in the ground and a supposed remnant of The Underground Railroad. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.

And, HIV + Hepatitis @ City Hall, in which four gorgeous community members tell city council how to prevent HIV and Hapatitis A, B, & C. Excerpt with permission from "Gag Rules" 2005. Special Thank-You to Portland Cable Access. Produced by and starring Joanna Martinez.

New from the Juice Rap News crew

Juice Rap News dubs itself as the internet nation’s on-beat musical, independent current-affairs programme responsible for turning bollocks-news into socio-poetical analyses which everyone can relate to and understand. The show is written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a backyard home-studio in suburban Melbourne, Australia – on Wurundjeri land. You may have seen episodes of JRN on the CCTV channels before. If you liked what you saw, tune in for brand new installments of the show. On Channel 9 Sunday Feb. 14 at 1:30pm and Friday Feb. 19 at 7:30pm, and on Channel 8 Tuesday Feb. 16 at 5:30pm and Thursday Feb. 18 at 9:30am.

And from the Washington DC National Gallery of Art

Learn about the museum through four new episodes about its history, development, and construction – as well its impressive collection. On Channel 96 Saturday Feb 13 10:40am and Sunday Feb. 14 at 10:40pm, on Channel 9 Sunday Feb. 14 at 2:05pm and Friday Feb. 19 at 8:05pm, and on Channel 8 Tuesday Feb. 16 at 6:05pm and Thursday Feb. 18 at 10:05am.

Lastly, if you think your day could benefit from an accordion interlude...

Tune in for a concert by Nancy Koch and John Berger. On Channel 96 Saturday Feb 13 10:10am and Sunday Feb.14 at 10:10pm, on Channel 9 Sunday Feb. 14 at 1pm and Friday Feb. 19 at 7pm, and on Channel 8 Tuesday Feb. 16 at 5pm and Thursday Feb. 18 at 9am.

Arts & Entertainment

This week on TV: Go musuem-hopping Saturday and Sunday

Thu, 02/04/2016 - 12:14pm

On Channel 9 Saturday Feb. 6, noon till midnight:

The program begins with a new series from Washington DC's National Gallery of Art on American artists of the nineteenth century. Learn about John James Audobon and The Birds of America, impressionist William Merritt Chase at Shinnecock, The Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, Winslow Homer, Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran, John F. Peto and the Idea of Still-Life Painting, and finally, James McNeill Whistler -- in these seven half-hour episodes. (The series will also play this week on Channel 8: Saturday Feb. 6 at 4pm, Monday Feb. 8 at 10pm, Wednesday Feb. 10 at 1pm, and Friday Feb. 12 at 2:30pm.)

Beginning at 3pm, shorts inspired by Cambridge's own MIT Museum -- made by Youth in CCTV's 2015 Summer Media Institute.

Then, a trip to a virtual museum: In Mobile Black History Museum, host Joel Makall takes viewers through the history of African Americans through artifacts -- at 3:30pm.

From 4-9pm, the Museum Open House series visits outstanding museums throughout the state, informing viewers about current and upcoming exhibits other programs and opportunities -- including the Isabella Stewart Gardner, to the Tiny Museum, the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, and many others.

Some of the fun will repeat on Channel 8 Sunday Feb. 7, from 6pm till midnight. Check our TV Schedule for exact times.

CCTV's newest member-made content airs each week, on Channel 9 Sundays at 12pm and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm.

New this week, Moving Image Portraits by Anne Brown and by Boris Masis. Mom and Dad is a portrait of Masis' parents, capturing the early days of their lives and the story of how they met -- in Russian with English subtitles. Brown's portrait Richard Honan features beloved Winthrop resident Honan, an artist, father, community builder, and honored veteran.

New in CCTV Series programming

After a brief hiatus, the Eckankar series is back on Channel 96. Produced in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the show features sermons about Eckankar with Harold Klemp. The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. Eckankar means "Co-worker with God," and it offers ways to explore your own unique and natural relationship with the Divine. Eckankar airs twice weekly, Sundays at 8:30am and Mondays at 8:30pm.

Arts & Entertainment