Another Successful Clean Up of Porter Square and Massve

We had a great "Clean Up" Saturday due to a bunch of amazing teams up and down the Avenue!

A great big "Thank You" to all who participated. In no particular order:
* The City for supplies and assistance (a for Ellen Coppinger);
* The Merchants at the Porter Square Shopping Center (Dunkin for doughnuts and coffee, Shaw's for apples, Gravestar for water);
* Carole Montgomery for making the merchant donations happen;
* Lesley University Soccer Team (hard workers with nothing but smiles!);
* The hard working Troop # 56 based at St. James Church (and the scout leader!)
* St. James Church members and friends, and Matt Stewart for calling out the reinforcements, who had to miss the day of (in quarantine);
* Gretchen Friesinger for the ongoing weed patrol on N. Mass Ave and for bugging me;
* Liz McNerney for the weeding and management north of Porter on the day of;
* Jim Cornie for tool/supply/snack management, and ongoing weed patrol;
* Susan Hunziker for stowing all the supplies and planning assist;
* Our Baldwin neighbors who gave us the extra boost south of Porter on day of;
* Phoebe Sinclair for publicity and willingness to work, though sick day of, so missed the fun;
* My Neighborhood Nine neighbors for always showing up;
* Kenny and Beth (and maybe more?) from the Ward 10 Democratic City Committee
* The kids who kept coming back to ask for more small tools and gloves that fit small hands (Tags are you listening?)
* And, of course, PSNA for hosting all of this....

Over the next few days, I will post the pictures as they come in! 55