BISCUIT to move, raising funds

The Biscuit Is on the Move (or another spot is displaced for a new development)

Somerville cafe the Biscuit, open for 15 years at the intersection that’s also home to Dali and several other restaurants, is slated to close its doors at the end of the month at 406 Washington St. The cafe is running an Indiegogo campaign to help with relocation, hoping to raise $150,000 over the next couple of months.

“After 15 years at 406 Washington St., and six years of fruitless negotiation with an unreasonable landlord, the Biscuit will be forced to close on December 31, 2019,” writes cofounder Andrew Platt on the campaign page. “We did not lose the space due to rent increase, nor because the space will be demolished for condo development. We lost the space because the owner of the property wants it empty and fallow, like the majority of their other properties in the neighborhood. This eviction is devastating, both for the Biscuit, its many, many employees, and the neighboring community.”

There’s good news, though: There’s a new location in the works, a short walk from the old one. “It’s a unique space, and does require a significant amount of renovation, and re-imagination,” per the campaign page. Donors will receive gift cards of greater monetary value than their donations to be used at the so-called “Biscuit in the Basement” when the move is complete.