Changes at Somerville Ave/White St.

Compliments of Judy Weiss:

Hi all. This is the only rendering Patrick Baxter showed last night (I took a picture of it).

Basically they are adding a dedicated bike lane heading out of Porter Sq on Somerville Ave and are talking to Somerville about coordinating the continuation - the blue dotted line is the city boundary. There was a question about drop off/pick up near the T elevator which is a bus stop and bike lane. I believe Patrick said people should be able to stop to pick someone up or drop them but not wait there? I learned that a posted loading zone (across the street in front of Anna’s) allows cars to wait for up to 15 minutes as long as the driver is in the car, and commercial plates have up to 30 minutes to make their delivery. Someone correct me if I am mistaken. The MBTA will be paving within the next few weeks.

One other important piece of info is that the City is hiring a consultant to design dedicated bike lanes on Mass Ave and we will by hearing about the public process before summer. No decision about dedicated bus lanes has been made yet. That’s the next thing affecting the Porter Sq area. 

Questions about the impact of making Davenport one-way also were raised. Patrick said Gravestar has told the city the change is working well for them and the city is reviewing crash data. He said they will look into trucks turning onto Beech St. We should email Patrick when we see cars or trucks making illegal turns or driving the wrong way ( It might be good to report on See Click Fix as well.