Come to our 2023 City Council Candidates Forum, Oct 18th, 7-9pm!

Come join us for our 2023 City Council Candidates Forum!

Date: October 18, 7-9 pm

Location: Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass Ave, the auditorium (2-150) on the second floor.

We have invited ALL of the candidates. We will have 3 panels, and each candidate gets equal time.  We do not endorse, we aim only to inform you, the voters. While there is no campaigning within the Hall, there will be tables for campaing lit, and you might be able to catch your favorite candidates before or after their panel. Just don't miss the next panel! This will be a tight event, to fit it all into 2 hours.

The event will be recorded by CCTV for viewing the next week.

See you there!

Note: You can still post suggested questions at:  We cannot ask them all, but they will inform what we do ask.