Despite the heat, we had a good turnout and a great event!

Despite the heat, we had a good turnout and a successful event!
Thanks to EVERYONE!

It is really about all of the volunteers, from PSNA (Susan Hunziker, V.P., who co-organized the event; Gretchen Friesinger and Liz McNerny, who captained substations at the North Cambridge Fire Station and Junior's Gas Station; Jim Cornie, who delivered tools, weeded and mulched trees all day, even after the event!).

The reason we held the event when we did (despite the oppressing heat) was that was when Lesley athlete/students were available to work - all smiles, despite practicing that same day! That young energy makes it all possible, and they want to be part of this community as well.

Then there are the fantastic neighbors (even some long gone, who returned to the 'hood to help), families, one lady just recovered from COVID, young folks anxious to give back. They are all the real story.

I was parked in the Square, giving out tools and instructions and Jean was kind enough to sit, weed and talk to me. Then Tom Meek came and grabbed a pix.

There is also all the help we get beforehand from Rep. Marjorie Decker's office (working with the MBTA); DPW's picking up the worst stuff and powerwashing; TPT, which let us load and unload at the Square un-harrasssed; the Porter Square Shopping Center management; Star Market for the water, all the merchants up and down the Avenue (we never get to clean up far enough), and on and on.

It does indeed take a village.

Thanks to EVERYONE!