Candidates Forum

The City Council Candidates Forum was a great success, drawing a standing room only crowd. All but two of the candidates attended and provided revealing, if necessarily brief, answers to questions about key issues in our area and throughout Cambridge. The list of questions to be asked, and all the questions submitted by the public, may be found at /forum-questions .

Lesley University generously provided the venue. Alice Wolf both moderated and provided invaluable advice developing the event format. Susana Segat also advised and was timekeeper. Members of the sponsoring organizations provided questions, planning, and publicity. We thank them, the candidates who gave thoughtful answers to the questions while keeping in very tight time limits, and all the people who took the time to attend.

CCTV taped the forum and will broadcast it at a time to be determined. It is also available online at the CCTV web site.

The forum was sponsored by Porter Square Neighbors Association (represented by John Howard and Susan Hunziker), Agassiz Baldwin Community (Stephen Diamond), Neighborhood Nine (Ruth Ryals), Massachusetts Avenue Improvement Committee, and Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods (Gary Dmytryk).