PSNA May 17th - St. James Place Presentation

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Lesley University Hall
1815 Massachusetts Avenue Room 2-048
02140 Cambridge , MA


    Following nearly a decade of controversy,  St. James’s Place project is moving forward with the construction of a four-story, 48 unit mixed-use condominium project, and they will be at our May 17th meeting.  We will welcome the general contractor, architect, and their environmental engineering firm.

    The site is at Mass Ave and Beech Street and includes the abandoned Lechmere car wash site (next to the 1896 Firehouse), continues behind the landmarked Richardsonian Romanesque santurary, and includes the historic church garden.  

    The presentation will start with a refresher on the design of this long-delayed project, and proceed to an overview of the construction logistics and mitigation measures, including a summary of the environmental work.

    Regardless of the controversy, it will be good to have this section of the Avenue transformed from the eyesore it has become.

    Please join us to hear the details!

    Redevelopment at St. James’s


    Following the St. James Place presentation we will resume our discussion of PSNA.


     What does it mean to be a member, of the organization, of the list serve?

     We will talk about the natural catchment area for the Square.  Where do you live?  How do you use, think about the Square? What would you do to improve it?


    How do you use the portersquare@googlegroups list serve? How would you improve it?


    Come bring your ideas and help us make PSNA be better for all of us!