Historical Commission review

Certificate of Appropriateness granted

On Friday October 29, the Historical Commission met on-site at St. James' Episcopal Church in order to review the condo project's landscaping plan and a mock-up of the condominium's colors and exterior materials. There wasn't much discussion. Only two members of the public spoke, both observing that the "courtyard" area between the condo and the church bears little resemblance to John Nolan's original design for the Knight's Garden. The church and the historical commission have worked out a letter of commitment to keep the courtyard open to the public. Discussion of building materials focused mainly on exactly which shade of brown to use for the condo windows.

Following the presentations, the historical commission voted to accept the materials and landscape plan, subject to staff review of any minor changes that may come up, and to grant a certificate of appropriateness. There was a further review scheduled for the next November 4 meeting but there seems to be nothing more for the commission to do regarding this project, and no significant regulatory hurdles left for the project.

PSNA is currently arranging a meeting between neighbors and Oaktree, Sasaki, and Metric Construction Corp, to go over open items including construction process and schedule, trees, fences, and other items. Stay tuned for the date and location of this meeting. The developers will also be contacting abutters to survey existing conditions in neighboring houses.


On July 1 the Cambridge Historical Commission granted a "Certificate of Appropriateness" to the project, based on an update from Sasaki/Oaktree on landscaping details and architectural materials, and a letter from Saint James Episcopal Church responding to financing questions and commitments. The board still wants to see the language in the letter tightened, and wants to see a full-scale mockup of the exterior materials to be used. Karen Klinger has posted a detailed review of the meeting on CCTV.

Conditional Approvals

During several continuations, the Cambridge Historical Commission approved the project in principle but continued the case until some conditions are met. Here are their initial letter of approval and their April 7 confirmation.

Submissions to the January 7 Cambridge Historical Commission

The main Powerpoint presentation is too long for this web site. You may be able to obtain a copy from the neighbors' Google group.

Rector Holly Antolini's endowment memo to the CHC.

Capital Improvement Forecast spreadsheet


2004 CHC Landmark Study

Landmarking Petition (Eggars et al)

MHC 1987 Preservation Restriction

CHC 2005 Memorandum of Understanding

1921 Paddock Deed