June 20, 2019 Meeting


Have you ever thought about what Cambridge will be like in 20-30, even 50 years?


At our June 20th meeting PSNA will start to comprehend the threats facing Cambridge from climate change and environmental degradation.  We will talk about what steps we need to take now to build a better city, given the environmental challenges.


Our guest speakers will be Seth Federspiel, the Net Zero Energy Planner for the City of Cambridge Community Development Department and Audrey Schulman, the Executive Director and a Cofounder of HEET.


Seth will discuss the recently released Envision Cambridge plan (focusing on the Climate and Environmental Plan) which recommends 55 strategies and 183 new, expanded, or modified actions related to climate and environment, community wellbeing, economy, housing, mobility, and urban form.  Sethworks on energy efficiency and renewable energy outreach, implementation, and policy development. He is responsible for carrying out the 25-year Net Zero Action Plan to phase out greenhouse gas emissions across the Cambridge building community.


Audrey will be able to speak to us about what the non-profits and regular citizens are doing/should be doing to improve our environment. HEET is a nonprofit that works to reduce more emissions for less cost, now.  HEET has been on the forefront of the natural gas leak issue for years now and creates public zoomable maps each year of utility reported gas leaks at SqueakyLeak.org. 


Please join us. And bring your neighbors!


Porter Square Neighbors Association

June 20, 7-9 pm

Lesley University Hall, Rm 2-078

Cambridge, MA