March 21, 2019 PSNA Meeting

Porter Square Neighbors Association
March 21st, 7-9 PM
Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass Ave
Room 2-078

Jason Korb and Sean Hope will update us on the Frost Terrace (1791 Mass Ave) 100% affordable housing project. They will review the design/layout, projected construction schedule, etc. for this project.

They will explain, in some depth, why it takes so long to bring a project like this one to fruition, with multiple sources of funding, approvals, sign offs, each with their own requirements.

The project plans are here:

Info on Jason and Sean (and other principals) can be found at

Finally, they will tell us a little about 2072 Mass Ave, the current home of Dural Kebab, and their next proposed affordable housing project. Though action on this proposal/project is a ways off yet, it is an excellent time to get neighborhood input.
They can explain (at least abstractly) the various steps that will be involved in the hoped-for approval of this project, it’s design and any waivers they may request.

As a neighborhood association, we know PSNA is an important part of the process that can eventually lead to a successful project in the Porter Square area.

We will also hear from two other speakers:

Steve Bardige, who lives on Sterns St., will tell us about a problem faced in their small neighborhood (just a couple of blocks). There are three tear-downs proposed for that small street, and on the corner of Chetwynd (across Newell from Sterns). He will explain what they are doing, and ask us if we can suggest anything to help them. Indeed, it could be any of our small neighborhoods.


Diane Beck, of Cambridge Brickwalk Conservancy.
Their viewpoint is that the brick sidewalks are a Cambridge legacy. If designed, installed and maintained properly, they should last a long time and provide safe passage for the disabled and elderly. They present less vibration than concrete for wheelchairs (they say studies have been done to back this up). Most of us would agree that Cambridge sidewalks are not well maintained. Asphalt patches are left for years, in both concrete and brick sidewalks.

All are welcome!