May 16, 2019 PSNA Meeting

PSNA will have a presentation and a chance to talk with two of the proposed adult use marijuana stores in our area -- one at the site of the old Wok 'n Roll (1908 Mass Ave), the other at the current site of Stereo Jack's (1686 Mass Ave). 


There is a third proposing to come to the site of the long closed Evergood Market (1674 Mass Ave), which has a conflict at this meeting time.  We hope to have them at the next PSNA meeting.




There are also community meetings with each sponsored by the city:

May 9th (1686 Mass Ave) and May 10th (1908 Mass Ave) each at 1815 Mass Ave at 7pm and May 13th (1674 Mass Ave) at Sheraton Commander, at 6 pm.


Obviously, they will not all be approved (possibly none), but this is our chance to meet them and assess each of their ability to run such a business well and to be a good neighbor.