January 2011 PSNA Minutes

Porter Square Neighbors Association Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2011


  • Lesley/AIB Status
  • Update on A Plan for Mass Ave between Porter and Harvard Squares
  • Porter Square History
  • Ears to the Ground

(Minutes copied from agenda)

Lesley / AIB Status

Lesley is presenting the AIB special permit application to the Planning
Board on January 18, and is holding a public meeting on Thursday January 13
(postponed from Wednesday due to snow.) Please attend one of these meetings
if you want to see all the drawings and details. Bill Doncaster will also
provide PSNA with a brief update on the proposal and schedule.

Mass Ave between Porter and Harvard Squares

Ron Axelrod will update us on a concept plan for any improvements to
Massachusetts Avenue between Porter and Harvard Squares.

Porter Square History

Susan Hunziker and Karen Klinger found a couple of interesting things at
the Historical Commission last week. One was some photographs of the
church that was demolished to build the Arby's/Averof/Kaya building.
The other is a planning drawing of a proposal in the 1960s to run Route
2 through Porter Square. One copy of each will be available to view.

Ears to the Ground

Bring your own announcements and questions about events in and around Porter