July 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 7:00pm
  • Future of the Bob Slate building
  • Demolition of 18 White Street
  • North Mass Ave Rezoning Proposal
  • Ears to the Ground

This is a place-holder based on the agenda, pending recovery of the actual minutes.

Future of the Bob Slate building

The Bob Slate building has been for sale ever since Slate's closed, and will eventually be replaced by something else. We should be prepared for a substantial development with the inevitable hearings, politicking, and conflicts that this will bring. The rear third of the site is in the residential (Res-B) zone, while the front is in Business C, complicating the zoning issues. Stuart Dash from CDD joined us to explain and discuss these and other zoning issues (see below).

Demolition of 18 White Street

A developer is proposing to demolish the Victorian home closest to the Galleria and replace it with a five story, 8 unit residential structure built on over parking at the ground level. Believe it or not, this appears to be allowed by the zoning ordinance. On July 12 the Historical Commission heard a demolition application, and invoked a 6-month delay; the issue will return next January.

North Mass Ave Rezoning Proposal

The city is still working on re-zoning North Mass Ave, hoping to encourage ground floor retail. While the current proposal stops at Beech Street, it could set precedents or be extended to the BC zone and thus influence both of the above topics.

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