June 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012 - 7:00pm



  • AIB Massachusetts Avenue Storefront Art Project
  • Lesley / AIB Construction Update
  • "Shop and Eat on Mass Ave" map project
  • Ears to the Ground

AIB Massachusetts Avenue Storefront Art Project

AIB Dean Stanley Trecker told us about plans for a art exhibition in connection with AIB's 2012/2013 Centennial. There will be installations of videos, paintings, photos, animations, or other works by AIB alumni, faculty, staff, and students in storefront windows along Mass Ave between the Law School and Porter Square. Jurying will be in July, installation in early September, and the show itself will run from about September 13 to October 16. AIB also hopes to organize a reception and a walking tour. We mentioned that the HONK! parade down Mass Ave will be Sunday October 7; there might be some tie-in. It was also suggested that PSNA's "Shop and Eat" map might refer to the centennial.

Lesley / AIB Construction Update

Bill Doncaster updated us on the AIB project. As we know, Bruner/Cott is the architect. Lesley has engaged John Moriarty & Associates for the construction; their recent projects include the new MFA American Wing and the Novartis renovation of the Necco building near MIT. The project will probably start next spring. The new church foundation will take about 5 months. The church building will be moved at about month 6.5 on a Saturday morning, no doubt with many of us watching. The new AIB building structure will be complete at month 11, watertight at month 16, and ready to move into at month 18. Most work will occur during standard hours: 7AM to 6PM. Noise and other problems during construction can be addressed 24 hours a day with calls to Lesley security, 617-349-8888. You can also subscribe to a mailing list by email to construction@lesley.edu, or check online at http://lesley.edu/public_affairs/construction .

"Shop and Eat on Mass Ave" map project

We are reviving our Shop and Eat map this fall. We reviewed a draft of the updated map and approved spending approximately $2000 for printing and miscellaneous charges. Lesley and Harvard have each agreed to donate $1000 toward this expense. The actual printing will happen at the end of July with initial distribution during August.

Ears to the Ground We asked if the recent name change from Bally to Workout World (WOW) will have any impact on the parking lot across from University Hall. The answer was no. Apparently, the existing long term lease (something like 10 years) continues unchanged.