June 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Minutes of June 18, 2020 meeting


We had an update, via Zoom, on the progress of the St. James Place and the Frost Terrace projects.

Work on both resumed on June 1.


St James Place

Phil Terzis of Acorn Holdings reported that the project is 80% complete. Most of the work is being done inside. Between 55 and 65 workers are on site daily; the city did a surprise inspection for Covid compliance and found that Nauset, the construction company, to be following all requirements.

Remaining tasks include repair and restoration of the Beech St sidewalk (scheduled for October) and the landscaping. A green roof of sedums is also in the mix.

One area of uncertainty—surprise!—is when Eversource will deign to provide power hookups.

The current priority is to get the church parish house operational. The church plans an open house when the parish house is completed.

Phil reported that deposits have been made for many units, and—Eversource permitting—Phil expects all to be ready for occupancy by December.


Frost Terrace

Jennifer Tamarkin, Jason Korb, and Sean Hope of Capstone Communities presented images of current state of and finishing details for this affordable housing project.

Their construction company, Keith Construction, Inc., had a couple of hiccups in its Covid inspection, but is in full compliance now.

They plan to seek Silver or Gold LEED Certification. They will be accepting rental applications starting in August. (Minute-taker did not ask for details on that.)

Summary data


St James Place

Frost Terrace

Completion target date

December 2020

March 15, 2021

Number of units

46 (11 1-bedroom, 30 2-bedroom, 5 3-bedroom)

39 (13 1-bedroom, 13 2-bedroom, 13 3-bedroom)

Price per unit

(Minute-taker did not ask for details.) To obtain some, contact the broker via https://www.saintjamescambridge.com/