March 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 7:00pm

 March 19, 2015

North Cambridge Senior Center 2050 Massachusetts Avenue


  • By-Laws Amendment
  • Slate Building
  • Porter Square Hotel

By-Laws Amendment

Article IV of the By-Laws was amended as follows (changes in boldface): A member shall be eligible to vote if his or her dues have been paid on or before the date of the meeting on which a vote is taken and he or she has attended either (i) at least two of the previous six meetings or (ii) at least four of the previous twelve meetings, limited to the previous 24 months. Prior attendance shall be determined by a member’s signature or check-off on a meeting’s attendance sheet. The election of officers shall be conducted by secret ballot at the first regularly scheduled meeting held on or after November 1. All other matters shall be voted upon by voice or hand, except when a majority votes to require the use of a secret ballot. All votes require a quorum of six voting members.

Slate Building

Jeff Hirsch and Skip Rose, representing the contractor Stone River Contracting, discussed the construction schedule, introduced key personnel, provided contact information, and answered questions.

Porter Square Hotel (Kaya)

Michael McKee gave us an update on the hotel construction. This turned into a heated discussion of the promised garden behind the hotel and the process for neighbors to participate in its design. No constructive conclusions were reached.