November 2010 PSNA Minutes

Porter Square Neighbors Association Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2010


  • Annual Election of Officers
  • Bylaws review
  • MBTA Plaza & Bike Parking
  • Ears to the Ground

Annual Election of Officers

The following officers were elected for 2011:

President - John Howard
Vice President - Ruth Ryals
Secretary -
Treasurer - Mary O'Neill

We are still seeking a secretary. The duties of the position are to take minutes at each meeting.

Bylaws Review

No bylaw changes were proposed.


MBTA Plaza and Bike Parking

Astrid Dodds reported that she had asked the T about the possibility of repainting the 'Pride of the Winds' mobile sculpture at the T stop and gotten only a boilerplate reply. She also asked about the missing bench in the Somerville Avenue bus stop.