November 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 7:00pm

November 20, 2014

PM North Cambridge Senior Center 2050 Massachusetts Avenue


  • Annual Election of Officers
  • Dues
  • A Better Cambridge

The current officers were re-elected unanimously:

  • President - John Howard
  • Vice President - Ruth Ryals
  • Secretary - Susan Hunziker
  • Treasurer - Mary O'Neill


Please remember to pay your 2015 dues, only $10. They help cover PSNA’s annual expenses for things like the post office box, web site, and email list, and are required, along with attending a few meetings, for voting membership.

A Better Cambridge

A Better Cambridge is a group of Cambridge residents interested in affordable housing. That’s affordable, not necessarily low-income. Think of recent graduates or young couples who work in Cambridge and would love to live here if only they could afford to. Currently demand for housing outstrips supply, leading to a sellers’ market and sky-high prices. ABC believes that the best way to fix this is to significantly increase the housing stock. Of course that means additional development, which must go somewhere. Porter Square is a potential target. ABC members Carolyn Fuller, Alec Papazian, Sam Seidel, and our neighbor Sally Eaton Arnold introduced ABC and their goals and ideas, leading to a discussion.