November 2022

Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

November 17, 2022

This was our first meeting in person in two years. Lesley has installed in its classrooms the equipment that allows you to use Zoom, and this was our first attempt at using it. Alas, attendance was very low, but a couple of people dialed in and we were able to confirm that we can use the equipment properly and that people who are not physically present can still hear and participate.

We had one speaker, Jeremy Spindler, owner and operator of Spindler Confections, who is exploring the possibility of moving his business from its current location on north Mass Ave to the Abodeon site. His lease is being renewed in March, and he is looking into whether relocation is feasible. Part of his due diligence is gauging how receptive—or not—neighbors may be to the possibility. Those of us who were present were very receptive to the delicious chocolates that he brought.

In addition to more space for preparation and storage, the Abodeon site offers the opportunity to expand the small candy museum in his current shop. Apparently, he has quite a collection of maps and equipment saved from the once-thriving candy-making industry in Boston.

Although he needs more space, he is concerned about whether he can generate enough business, which has been quite good, to cover the cost of installing a new kitchen. He’s also concerned about being able to hire more staff. If he were to decide to move, he would not be able to do so for a couple of years. He felt he would most likely stay where he is.