October 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 7:00pm

October 17, 2013 North

Cambridge Senior Center, 2050 Massachusetts Avenue


  • Police Advisory Board
  • Construction Updates
  • Longs Funeral Home
  • Candidates Forum

Police Advisory Board

Outreach Coordinator Muna Kangsen repeated his last year's visit to speak about the Cambridge Police Review and Advisory board and take our questions. The main point is that there are multiple channels (phone, email, in-person, letters) for filing complaints about conflicts between police and civilians.

Construction Updates

The Lesley/AIB project is progressing, with the move of the church expected in early December. Demolition of the existing Kaya restaurant for the Porter Square Hotel is expected to start soon, pending getting permits from the Inspectional Services Department. (Note added later: demolition began on November 4.) The St James's condo project continues to be on hold. While the old lawsuits that were holding it up have all been lost or abandoned, we have been told that a new restraining order was filed in Superior Court last Friday.

Longs Funeral Home Lawsuit

Earlier this year our lawsuit was once again thrown out on a technicality, this time because of lack of standing, namely not being an abutter. Attorney Tom Bracken wants to appeal further. We have $1000 earmarked for the Longs case, and have told Mr. Bracken that we would be willing to pay up to that amount for filing fees and similar expenses. The PSNA bylaws require membership authorization for large payments. A vote to approve spending up to $1000 for this purpose passed unanimously.

Candidates Forum

See the separate report here.