Needed: sewers for masks

Dear Friends,

I'm reaching out to anyone who has a sewing machine, cotton material and a wish to do something helpful for our communities.  Surgical masks are in need at all hospitals and medical facilities, making the availability scarce for many workers in constant contact with people.  We're so fortunate that community members are working in the supermarkets, homeless shelters, food banks, etc.  but they're left vulnerable and at risk. Cotton masks alone offer little protection without a filter.  A friend of mine (registered nurse) has put together some simple instructions on how to make a cotton surgical mask with a pocket for a washable filter.  I can send instructions to anyone who thinks they can help or knows someone who would like to sew.  I can pick them up when you are done.   We've already shown the prototype to the Cambridge Covid 19 Task Force and they were impressed with the washable/reusable masks, since fears of running out of supplies is high.  Please respond, with your contact info, to:

We can send you the detailed instructions.  Best to everyone!


(and Ruth)