No December PSNA Meeting!

As is our usual practice, PSNA will have NO MEETING this month!


However, we are looking forward to next month.


A preview of our January meeting (with refreshments!): 





Can Food Heal Our Sick Planet 

(and Our Families)?



We are facing a daunting health crisis both in our families and for our planet.  Our unquestioning fixation on cheap, convenient food has altered how it is grown and processed to a point where very few of us know where our food comes from, what it contains, and whether it was produced at great cost to the environment.  Food that is grown in a way that does not further degrade our planet is hard to find, and very often what is sold in the marketplace as healthy does not come close to being good for us or the environment.


The good new is this: Global climate change, obesity and chronic disease can all be healed over time.  Our food choices and purchases have a profound impact on the environment, family health, social justice, community vibrancy, and animal welfare. But change requires us to look at our assumptions and habits, to consider the cost of those behaviors, and to challenge ourselves to give up old habits and replace them with better ones that lead to the outcomes we want. 


Join Greg Georgaklis for a lively discussion of what a healing food community looks like and how we can build one together. Come to unpack the myths and misinformation we have been fed about food, nutrition and farming, and get clarity on what you want for yourself, your family, your community and our shared planet.


Refreshments from regenerative farms in New England will be served.  Bring your questions and your appetite.  This event is free and open to the public.



About our speaker: Greg Georgaklis, MBA, has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years, as a farmer, business owner and advisor. He owned and ran Gold Star Wholesale Nurseries of Lexington MA, a $25m dollar regional grower, distributor and retailer of Horticultural supplies. He served on many association boards at both the state and national level and is regarded as an expert in many areas of farm production and sustainability, business management and organization.  In 2010 Greg started Farmers To You – an associative business model that is rebuilding a sustainable, appropriately scaled food system.




Porter Square Neighborhood Association

January Meeting

January 16, 2020, 7-9pm

Leslie University, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue,

University Hall Room 2-078, second floor