Somerville Ave Separated Bike Lane Installation Somerville Ave Separated Bike Lane Installation May 05, 2021 The Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department will be installing separated bike lanes on Somerville Ave between White St in Cambridge and Acadia Pk in Somerville. The work is in cooperation with the MBTA and the City of Somerville.

Stand Out Against Racism and Hate!

Neighbors and Friends,


Porter Square T - Sunday, April 18, 10 am. 

Bring your family, friends, your signs and masks to join your neighbors. This lack of justice is unacceptable in America.

We were all waiting for justice for George Floyd, and then Duante Wright got shot and killed “accidentally”.

We see incidents of violence against our Asian-American friends and relatives.

Join us at Porter Square on Sunday to protest such hate and injustice.

PSNA April 15, 2021 Meeting, 7 pm- 9 pm

We have a full agenda at the PSNA meeting Thursday night:

7:00 pm - Patrick Baxter of the Traffic Dept will join us to explain what is proposed at Somerville Ave/White St.

7:30 pm- A quick review of bylaws changes and (postponed) election of officers

8:00 pm- our special Panel Discussion with 5 generations - The lens through which we see some big issues today-

Our panelists will be: