PSNA - November 19 zoom meeting, thisThursday, 7-9 pm!

This will be a very busy meeting as we have a number of different things to cover.


    First off, we will have a brief update on the proposed 100% Affordable Housing Project at 2072 Mass Ave. We will hear from Capstone Communities re their recent BZA application and thoughts about changes (reflecting input from neighbors). We will also  talk about the timing of their Planning Board meeting. 


"Stand Out Against Racism" at Porter Square, Sunday, Nov 15, 10 am!


We invite you to join us at Porter Square - Sunday, Nov 15, at 10 am! 

We can talk about the failure to pass police reform yet in MA. We need to all write/call the Shead of Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. Tell them we want the bill now!

I am hoping we can make a few new signs, saying something like, "Where is Police Reform in MA??" and "We Vow to Make Racism History". 

PSNA Nov 19 Meeting, 7-9 pm

This will be a very busy meeting as we have a number of different things to cover.


   First off, we will talk with Stephen Meuse and Patrick Baxter of the Traffic Dept about the proposed Davenport St. Direction Change. The city has agreed to hold off changes until getting input from the neighborhood (and the neighborhood organization). I have asked them to provide graphics. 


A Little History....

(Thanks to Charlie Sullivan, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Commission)


Everybody knows Cambridge as the home of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Few know that Cambridge is a diverse community with a complex history in which the universities played a relatively small part.