Today is Ukraine's Birthday !

'Carolyn' via Porter Square Neighbors Association sent along this: Today is Ukraine's 31st Independence Day, the anniversary of the formation of an independent Ukraine. Six months ago Russia began an attempt to take over key areas of Ukraine. Some local gardeners showed their support for the people of Ukraine by planting blue and yellow flowers--some in gardens and some in pots.

Despite the heat, we had a good turnout and a great event!

Despite the heat, we had a good turnout and a successful event!
Thanks to EVERYONE!

It is really about all of the volunteers, from PSNA (Susan Hunziker, V.P., who co-organized the event; Gretchen Friesinger and Liz McNerny, who captained substations at the North Cambridge Fire Station and Junior's Gas Station; Jim Cornie, who delivered tools, weeded and mulched trees all day, even after the event!).

Stereo Jack's to close 8/15

Stereo Jacks's closing Aug 15!

Stop in and say, thanks for the memories.
We may need to go farther for the experience... unless weed alone does it.

Jack will be retiring, and the store contents will move to Somerville/Medford(?) in the new shop owned by former employees of Jack's.
And then we will get a cannabis shop.

It would be nice for folks to take the opportunity to swing by to thank Jack for the near-40 years of building community in our neighborhood, truly a "Legacy" Business.