No Meeting April 16

Sadly, PSNA cannot meet again this month because of the corona virus and the fear spreading COVID19.

If, as expected, we are still shut down this time next month, I will send out a notice inviting folks to attend a virtual meeting on Zoom.

Until then, stay safe and stay tuned!

Postponed: PSNA March 19th meeting!

Friends and Neighbors,

PSNA is postponing the March 19th meeting over concern for the spread of the coronavirus.


We are going to reschedule our look at bicycle safety and potential plans for a dedicated bike and/or bus lane along Mass Ave and through Porter Square as soon as we can. 

For background visit:

Davenport Street and Cogswell Avenue proposals

The following was received by some of the 8 or so attendees of a meeting about making Davenport Street one way. At least some of the attendees question whether the proposal would actually help, but, in any case, there is some question about the "strong support" cited. We have invited the Transportation representatives to our March 19th meeting; keep your fingers crossed they come so we can hear what is behind their proposals and they can hear all of our input!


Hi all,