Porter Square (Plaza) Redesign Project, completed in 2007

Here is a link and the description of the Porter Square redesign on the Cambridge community development website:

Porter Square Redesign Project
Porter Square pedestrian plaza by artist Toshi Katayama
The Porter Square project was completed in 2007.

July 18, 2019 PSNA Meeting

Rat Infestations and "SeeClickFix" (the city's reportorial app)!

For the next PSNA meeting, we have invited the City (DPW and Inspectional Services) to talk to us about an apparent increase in rats in the neighborhood.

We have also invited the two largest developers in the area, St. James Place and Frost Terrace, as well as Gravestar, the landlord for Porter Square Shopping Center, to join us. We will be discussing the issue with some of our neighborhood restaurants and food handlers in the area where rats have been cited.

We welcome your observations.

May 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 7:00pm

Minutes of PSNA meeting   

Two vendors seeking permits to open recreational cannabis stores in the neighborhood presented their plans and took questions. Our objective in this meeting was to get to know these folks, who want to be our neighbors.

The first, Porter Square Remedies, LLC, wants to occupy the space at 1908 Mass Ave where Wok ‘n Roll did business; the second, Budega, Inc., is looking at the Stereo Jack’s location at 1686 Mass Ave.

June 20, 2019 Meeting


Have you ever thought about what Cambridge will be like in 20-30, even 50 years?


At our June 20th meeting PSNA will start to comprehend the threats facing Cambridge from climate change and environmental degradation.  We will talk about what steps we need to take now to build a better city, given the environmental challenges.


May 16, 2019 PSNA Meeting

PSNA will have a presentation and a chance to talk with two of the proposed adult use marijuana stores in our area -- one at the site of the old Wok 'n Roll (1908 Mass Ave), the other at the current site of Stereo Jack's (1686 Mass Ave). 


There is a third proposing to come to the site of the long closed Evergood Market (1674 Mass Ave), which has a conflict at this meeting time.  We hope to have them at the next PSNA meeting.




April 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 7:00pm

PSNA, Agassiz Baldwin Neighborhood Community and the Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods co‐sponsored an informational presentation of the zoning, financing, and policy factors that affect the construction and rental of affordable housing. The objective was to provide residents with more information on this issue to support an informed review of a proposed zoning ordinance to create a citywide overlay that would allow affordable housing to be built as of right. This ordinance has not been drafted, but CDD has posted