PSNA June Meeting Slideshow on the History of Porter Square

Charlie Sullivan delivered a delightful presentation on the History of Porter Square at our June meeting.
Go here to see the presentation:

Or go here for other historical slide shows:

Thank you Charlie!

PSNA June Meeting

What do you know about the History of Porter Square?

Come to the next PSNA meeting to find out a whole lot more!


Our guest speaker will be Charlie Sullivan, Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Commission.


Porter Square Neighbors Association

Thursday, June 21st, 7-9 pm

Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass Avenue, Room 2-048

Porter Square Intersection Improvements Meeting Notes

A general sense of frustration and impatience persisted, but no one argued that these changes were bad, just not far-reaching enough.

The City officials took us through the revised changes, which can be seen in the above presentation, taking a few questions throughout, but most afterwards.

The room, 2-150, was pretty full, and seemed to be mostly Cambridge residents, and bike folks. Based on comments, only a couple of Somerville residents present.

PSNA May 17th - St. James Place Presentation

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


    Following nearly a decade of controversy,  St. James’s Place project is moving forward with the construction of a four-story, 48 unit mixed-use condominium project, and they will be at our May 17th meeting.  We will welcome the general contractor, architect, and their environmental engineering firm.

    April 2018

    Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Homelessness in Porter Square


    Our list of roundtable participants:


    Mardi Moran, x-Tags owner & member St. James Church 

    Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern  

    Ellen Semonoff, Asst. Mngr., Human Services, Cambridge

    Mark McGovern, Exec. Dir., CHA Healthcare for the Homeless,

    Mark Alston-Follansbee, Exec. Dir., Somerville Homeless Coalition 

    PSNA April 2018 Meeting

    Thursday, April 19th 7-9 pm

    at Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass Avenue, Room (new) 2-048.

    Porter Square Neighbors Association will look at the issue of “Homelessness in the Porter Square Area”.

    We will hear from folks with daily hands-on experience to learn: who are the homeless, the programs and resources in Cambridge and Somerville to address their issues, and perhaps to achieve an education for the rest of us.

    Our roundtable participants are:

    March 2018

    Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 7:00pm

    Envision Cambridge with Melissa Peterson


    These note were submitted by Jeff Byrnes.


    Melissa Peters from the City of Cambridge presented on the Envision Cambridge process, current status, and future results. She took us through a presentation, showing that the Alewife area is already benefitting from study done as part of Envision Cambridge, and showed areas that will receive intensive, cursory, or no study as part of the process.