PSNA meeting--Waste Not!


We will be talking about food waste, at many levels.

We all shop, eat; most of us cook; and we know how hard it is to see that all of those groceries are used up.

Imagine that you are an institution, or a restaurant; what do you do to make sure nothing goes to waste?


We will have guests:


Sasha Purpura, Executive Director of Food For Free 

Todd Kaplan, representing Boston Area Gleaners


We have invited (and are awaiting confirmation) Lesley University and the City to tell us what they are doing to see that all food finds a hungry stomach. 


Come join us for a very interesting look at how we can all help this planet, by not wasting our bounty.


PSNA Meeting

Thursday, September 19

7-9 pm, Room 1-048

Lesley University Hall

1815 Mass Ave