Reminder: PSNA Meeting May 19th - Drug use and refuse in the little MBTA park at Porter Square

Reminder: PSNA May 19th Virtual Meeting! Thursday, May 19, 7:00 – 9:00 pm We will discuss the drug use and refuse problem at the little MBTA park in Porter Square with a number of city representatives - CPD (social work unit), DPW, CDD and other city resources. We, individually, do not have the answers, but collectively we might. Increasingly, it is clear this will be a process. We have asked Alexis Grandberg, a representative of CASPAR First Step Street Outreach to join us. The Rev. Matt Stewart of St. James Church will join us - they work with the homeless in the area, While we have been unable to get someone from the shopping center to join us, we have asked one of our own members to talk about a few of the problems there. We have started a conversation with the MBTA (Thanks to Rep. Marjorie Decker), and we look forward to giving the MBTA feedback from this meeting, leading to smaller working group discussions as a follow up. Finally, we will take a few minutes to affirm our by-laws, sent out last month, and online at So far the only suggestion I have received is to review them every 2 years, not every year. ******************************************************** Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 847 7528 8167 Passcode: 212215 If phoning in: Find your local number: We look forward to seeing you virtually! Ruth Ryals, President Porter Square Neighbors Association