"Stand Out Against Racism" at Porter Square, Sunday, Nov 15, 10 am!


We invite you to join us at Porter Square - Sunday, Nov 15, at 10 am! 

We can talk about the failure to pass police reform yet in MA. We need to all write/call the Shead of Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. Tell them we want the bill now!

I am hoping we can make a few new signs, saying something like, "Where is Police Reform in MA??" and "We Vow to Make Racism History". 

For an hour or two bring your family, friends, dogs, your home-made signs, your masks and join your neighbors at Porter Square to "Stand Out Against Racism" to show we continue to be outraged at the continuing police violence and the lack of justice, in this country (how many more names do we have to add to our signs?).

It will take more than the election of a committed president (and black/asian woman vice president☺) and new senators and legislators to change this situation, although that is a good start. We have to keep pushing to end racism.

Please take the time to clear your head (and turn off the TV); you will find friends to talk with about what should come next.