"Stand Out Against Racism" Sunday, Nov 29, 10 am-noon!

Neighbors and Friends,

We invite you to join us at Porter Square - Sunday, Nov 29, 10 am - 12 noon! 

Hopefully, we have all had a safe Thanksgiving with, most of all, a chance to see and hug (if only virtually) our loved ones.

Most of us have much to be thankful for, although this has been a very tough year. There are, however, far too many families across this country crying for a member lost to police violence. Still, we cannot, even here in MA, get a police reform bill out of Beacon Hill.

For just an hour or two bring your family, friends, dogs, your home-made signs, your masks and join your neighbors at Porter Square to "Stand Out Against Racism" to show we continue to be outraged at the continuing police violence and the lack of justice in this country.

As we have all come to understand by now, we have many other issues with structural racism in our county. Let's vow to stand up and address them together.