Stand Up at Porter Square Sunday (tomorrow) 10 am!

Join some of us at Porter Square as we "stand up" to protest the police killing of George Floyd  (masked and distancing) at 10 am Sunday (tomorrow) am. Bring your own signs, but join us to say something.

Meantime, listen to Killer Mike. No one could say it better: 

Our friend and neighbor, Gerry McDonough, has decided he must do something to stand against the racism that is destroying our society.  The disproportionate toll that the pandemic has taken of minority communities, the vast inequalities it has uncovered, and now the recent police killing demand at least a public statement of resistance.  He is asking all of us to join him. "I'm so completely outraged by the blatant racism in this country, and feel so impotent in the face of this, but I have to do something. So I'm doing my own stand out for social justice at Porter Square tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Sunday.  I'm not claiming that I'm rational, or that this will be productive, but I have to do something. Join me if you feel the same way, bring some kind of sign, and feel free to invite other people". - Gerry McD

 Ruth Ryals