Tell the Governor to sign the Police Reform Bill, returned to him by legislators!

Last week, instead of listening to the broad and diverse coalition calling on him to sign meaningful law enforcement reform into law, Governor Baker buckled to the pressure of police unions and sent the bill back to the Legislature with amendments. 

The changes cut at one of the central goals of the bill: to not just hold officers accountable for misconduct, but to reduce and prevent that very misconduct from happening in the first place. Under the Governor’s amendments, key powers to establish training curricula, set certification standards, and—most importantly—make rules about police use of force would be taken away from the civilian-led POST board (“Police Officer Standards & Training”) and returned to an all-law enforcement commission.  

Critical decisions will likely be made this weekend on the final police reform bill. We’re down to the wire, and the Governor needs to hear from you. 

Call the Governor’s office at 617-725-4005 or email Governor Baker TODAY to tell him to agree to: 

  • restore key Use of Force definitions  
  • return Use of Force regulatory powers to the POST board, and 
  • regulate facial surveillance practices by police 

The bill that emerged from conference committee was already a compromise package. It’s time to stop asking over-policed communities to give up more and more of the justice they’ve so long been fighting for.