Thistle and Shamrock temporarily closed (COVID), should open next week

Thistle & Shamrock Update. This was just posted on the store’s Facebook account. Update: as of Saturday morning, 1 other employee has tested positive for covid. This does not come as a surprise considering I live with the first employee that is positive, my wife. All other employees have tested negative, which is a very strong indication that we come in contact with the virus through our children (they are also positive, 2 and 4 years old), who got it at one of their respective schools. My wife and I have mild symptoms (where did you go smell?) while the children are fortunately asymptomatic. The tentative plan as of now is to open sometime next week with abbreviated hours to start. We have a deep store cleaning on Monday and if everything goes to plan we could be as open as early as Tuesday mid morning. Any employee that has come in contact with myself or my wife has to quarantine for 8 days and receive 2 negative tests before working again, so we have some logistics to work out. My wife and family don't get out of quarantine until the end of next week, so we will be admiring things from afar. Sorry that we could not be open today for the bomb cyclone coming later, but such is life. Please stay safe everyone.




Temporarily closed. For those of you who purchase the produce boxes from Thistle & Shamrock, they have announced the following on Facebook (12/2/20 at 1:45 pm) : Thistle & Shamrock 12/2 We had an employee test positive for Covid-19. This hits home. Effective immediately the store will be closed until we have all employees tested and sanitize surfaces. The staff member feels fine with mild symptoms. Prayers for your corner store. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Agassiz has now had a covid case in the kid's program (reported early last week).

There are more cases around us. Most of us never knew anyone with COVID prior. It is definitely in our City now.

Be careful everyone!