Trees at PSNA meeting Oct 18, 7-9 pm

A runner on Linear Park

 PSNA Meeting on TREES!


 Thursday, Oct 18, 7-9 pm

 Lesley University Hall

 1815 Mass Ave, Rm 2-078




Porter Square has been identified as one of the city’s heat islands.  Mass Ave—a main thoroughfare for cars, buses, bikes, and pedestrians—is an increasingly hot corridor.  Street trees help reduce that heat! Many of us share the vision of a shady Mass Ave and are interested in doing what we can to improve our tree canopy and our planet.


We have invited staff from the Urban Forestry department to join us, to help us understand what the city is doing and what we can do.  We will learn about:



  • The scope and condition of the urban forest in the city
  • What the city is doing to maintain our forest and expand it
  • Plans for Mass Ave from Porter to the Arlington Line
  • The Adopt-A-Tree program and how residents and businesses can support the city’s efforts to help our trees thrive



Please join us with your questions and ideas!