Tribute to Marvin Gilmore's service

Pictured is an announcement of a special ceremony that was held on Mt. Vernon Street, to honor our friend and 97-year-old neighbor Marvin Gilmore for his service to his country in WWII. For those of you who don’t know, Marvin was previously honored for such service by receiving the French Legion of Honor, among other recognitions. See and

There were many vehicles headed for the ceremony, which included a military color guard, various dignitaries, and a large group of Marvin's neighbors, all of whom gave their hearty congratulations to Marvin for yet another chapter in a long and remarkable life. An announcement of the event is attached. 

Unfortunately, I saw the announcement too late, but enjoyed reading all about a truly remarkable guy.

I met Marvin when he came to one of our neighborhood cookouts. You would never guess his age by the twinkle in his eye.