Where Do We Go, How Do We Get There?

Thanks to Stephanie for designing the survey and tallying the responses.

A few of us have been meeting as a small "transit group"
A couple of our immediate reactions on looking at the results:
1) As a group, we walk a lot!
2) We probably are not reaching a lot of the bus riders. (and I am forwarding this to Livable Streets... With more time, we would do an on the street, at the Square, intercept survey.
3) People drive to where they need to go, need to shop and carry back big loads, and there is free/low cost parking.
4) People don't understand where buses go. We think the MBTA should put up a BIG sign at the Porter Square T stop with a BIG map saying "you are here" and showing which bus can take you to other locations on the map. e.g. MARKET BASKET!

This is an historic time. We have a mayor in Boston (the ultimate travel hub) who strongly supports free/affordable public transit. We will soon have a new governor, and the major candidate(s) are strong public transit supporters.


First, ridership is down because of COVID (and now the T's many public safety issues), meaning the base data on ridership is misleading.
Second, wherever the funds come from this is the time for A VISION, not retrenchment.
Third, Boston (and Porter Square) need a well functioning T for a strong economy and social vitality.
Fourth, The CLIMATE DEMANDS a strong, reliable public transportation system.

Finally, we would like your feedback on the survey results, and your suggestions on what this means for our feedback to the MBTA Bus Redesign proposals.

As many of us as possible should be writing/testifying to them directly before the July 31st deadline.